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Improving confidence by sharpening skills

A programme for actors, dancers and performers who want to increase their earning capacity during and beyond their performance career.


We are proud to be launching year two of The Way to Work, a collaborative project between Dance Professionals FundDancers’ Career Development and Equity Charitable Trust, designed to enable actors, dancers and performers to increase their employment opportunities both during and following a performance based career. The workshops, run by Zena Everett will offer practical advice covering many relevant topics. There will also be dedicated financial workshops, led by Simonne Gnessen, as well as the opportunity for actors and dancers to come together to network, share ideas and experiences.


  • Wednesday 10 October 2018 – Financial Know How with Simonne Gnessen
  • Monday 15 October – Landing Another Job with Zena Everett
  • Monday 29 October – Making Your CV Pop with Zena Everett
  • Thursday 1 November 2018 – Financial Know How with Simonne Gnessen
  • Friday 9 November – Interviewing Skills with Zena Everett


All workshops will be held in London from 1.15 – 4.30 pm with a sandwich lunch at 12.30pm.

Applicants should read our privacy statement before applying. If you have any questions please check our FAQs.


Testimonials about Simonne Gnessen

Simonne’s approach is all-encompassing and she looks at your life situation as a whole, whilst offering detailed and specific solutions to financial matters.

I wish we could have more one to one sessions. I find it really helpful when I have someone checking on me as it is more motivating. Sometimes just dealing with emails and computers does not give the same results. It was very helpful to look into my spending habits in a different way. Great exercise and it will really help me in the future.


Testimonials about Zena Everett

What an exciting day.  I have been positively buzzing today.  Thank you Zena for such an enlightening and invigorating introduction to your work!  

It was a really useful, pro-active day and Zena is great at turning problems into solutions and words into deeds. Plenty of food for thought (and deed). Thank you.

Thank you Zena for all the wonderful advice and work strategies. I passed the last week putting into practice what we have learned and I applied it to all my different jobs to give myself more structure and I now have a clearer vision on the jobs I could slowly avoid and the ones I need to increase.

I wanted to say how great Zena’s workshop was yesterday and what a brilliant woman she is. She had such a great generous spirit listening to all our tales of uncertainty and insecurity, asked highly pertinent questions in a very straight talking, non-threatening way, and was so knowledgeable in her field that she tailored the session to our specific needs. It was an encouraging and extremely timely intervention for me and has identified my next few baby steps on my new career path.

Working with Zena has been really inspiring and mind opening regarding possibilities and opportunities for achieving the work environment and lifestyle I dream of. She is very insightful and dynamic. I feel grateful to have participated in her sessions! Thank you so much for the opportunity! 

Zena is very much in tune with a person she helps out it seems to me and so she focussed on the blocks to my progress as opposed to sorting out exactly how I need to move forwards, although we did do some of that towards the end of the conversation.  She was flexible in her approach and did not judge me when I told her some really personal things.  She did not just ask questions as a coach would be gave advice and was happy to challenge me, which I found really helpful.

Zena had a great energy and her workshop really helped me to look into all my different jobs businesses and projects into a different way. i would love to do a one to one session with her and I’m definitely interested in taking part in more workshops. It was lovely to exchange ideas with others and I’m now putting into practice what said on the day. It’s amazing how applying this method to different projects can help me gain the same result. My goal is to put into practice everything I’ve learned and I’m hoping to have a more successful year with a better income. I hope we can have another seminar soon to touch base on progress.



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